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100% Pure Performance Marketing

We help You bear fruit quickly with daily fresh installs, leads & sales!

Ivocado connects mobile app developers, game studios, digital content producers and e-commerce companies with their targeted audience. All this purely based on performance (CPI,CPL,CPS,RevShare).

Do You really know mobile marketing?

Smartphones, feature phones, portable gaming consoles, smart… watches, glasses, cars. Let’s stop here! Can you keep track of all the challenges and possibilities mobile technology brings along with it? If not, we can! And we bring fresh ideas for a smart and mobile world.


It doesn’t matter if it’s gaming, utility or e-commerce. We do not just generate installs! We deliver exactly according to the goals which are defined and agreed upon. Based on KPI’s such as retention, opening and registration rate. This is what we call pure performance marketing!


Who doesn’t need more sales, right!? Ivocado CPS markting lets you pay per fresh sale. No single penny of your marketing budget wasted.


A lead can have many faces! There are registrations, email leads, incoming calls and data submits. No matter what your goal is, we will deliver exactly the audience your business needs. Maybe male millennials from London or German seniors living abroad?

Some of our valued clients & partners


Search, social, native, banner, video or even pop traffic? RTB, ad network or direct buy? Combining a decade of experience in media buying with the latest tools and technologies on the market, we even reach the high-hanging fruit.


Why would you fight alone, when you can have an army? We have the right partners able to promote your products and services. All hand picked with quality and compliant traffic.


You grow your own quality web or app properties? We can help you to harvest even bigger fruit.

Let’s get to know each other!

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